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Light up the dark…

So this evening hasn’t gone quite to plan, it started off with a Live theatre performance of The Rocky Horror Show (amazing) with me and boy proper dressed up to kill, show was amazing, plan was to go out after to Stay Beautiful in Brighton for the after party

But we drank quite a bit of pocket vodka in the theatre and he was asleep by half 8. .

so instead

I delved into a pastime of mine - catching up with the one and only Amanda Palmer via her blog

What I discovered was not what I expected… ‘Internet Hatred: please inquire within’

I came across a story about a young girl called Amanda Todd

You may have heard of her, I hadn’t. Not sure where I have been.

A girl relentlessly bullied, both in person and through the internet every day throughout her teenage life until she couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide.

There is so much hate towards this girl, even now after she has died, there are hate photos, web sites and fake accounts pretending to be her.

She made a video before she died of what she went through.

I just don’t understand it. Nobody deserves this level of abuse. She was just a girl.

People have said things like ‘She deserves to die’, ‘ Amanda Todd is a girl that drank bleach because she couldn’t handle life as a whore any more’ and ‘I hope she sees this and kills herself’

The internet is a scary place. It used to be just the celebrities in the press getting slated, framed and stories about them twisted or over-exaggerated. Celebs have teams of people to help protect them from things like that, you and I do not. Nowadays the internet IS the press, the media is in our hands.

I’ve had my own fair share of bullying throughout my childhood, as I was always the new kid moving from school to school. The worst thing about it is you can feel totally isolated, and even if you have the best parents in the world there are things that happen in your life at school that they will never see. We human creatures need to look out for one another

I guess trawling through the interweb for more information on what happened to her is a pretty sombre way to spend a Saturday night

but what I have also seen tonight is the goodness in people, the support for her and her family and strength through kindness

Amanda Todd’s story is a lesson to us all. Light up the dark. Don’t be the one to join in or sit back and watch these things happen. Don’t be too scared to stand up for people who are being tormented.

Be there for your friends.

Be there for strangers too.

and be there for yourself

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